It’s good to see you on this *balmy* Sunday morning! I’m done with winter. I hope winter is done with me!

We are moving the time of our prayer meeting tonight to 4:30. We have faithful people who always show up to prayer meetings. The Chiefs play at 5:30. So I’m moving the time to accommodate and bless those faithful people who also enjoy football. This would be a good week to join us. Prayer is vital to all that we do. And we have childcare for little ones!

In 2022, we set goals for 2023 numbers. They were:

  1. A 10% increase in church attendance
  2. A 10% increase in Sunday School attendance.
  3. One baptism a month (i.e. at least 12 for the year)
  4. One new adult Sunday School class

Here are the final 2023 numbers.

  1. Attendance: 14.4% increase
  2. Sunday School/Adult Bible Fellowship attendance
    • Adult Bible Fellowship: 16% increase
    • Children’s Sunday School: 36% increase
  1. Baptisms – 14
  2. One new class was added

This is a blessing from God. Sam Rainer of Church Answers says a church must annually replace 32% of its attendance to stay even. He says over the course of a year a church will lose one person to dying, nine to moving, seven to attending a different church, and 15 to declining attendance frequency. Whether or not those statistics apply to us, we know God has added to our number this year. We praise Him for that as we desire to reach as many as possible with the life changing gospel!

And here’s some more good news! In 2022, in the Southern Baptist Convention, baptisms increased by more than 6%. Worship attendance increased by 5%, small group attendance by 4%, and giving by 2%. Those are signs of hope! (Source: Lifeway Research)