Welcome to West Haven on this Labor Day weekend. I want summer back but the sun rises and sets, and God graciously gives us another day! I am sincerely glad you are here!

In the foyer is a board where you can sign up to help at our Community Carnival at Tongie Days on the morning of Sept. 16. This is a truly wonderful time of connecting with our community. We bless their children. They see the love of Jesus (they are always baffled that it’s free.) We invite people to church. And we can have gospel conversations with them. Plus, we enjoy that supernatural fellowship with one another.

Serving Jesus is blessing on top of blessing on top of blessing! The opportunities for service are on the bulletin board. Please sign up today to help us plan accordingly. I am grateful for you, and the way you enter into “the works which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)

The evening of Sept. 10 the “Vision 3:16” team will share what God did in and through them in Mexico. The stories continue to trickle in. It was an extraordinary trip. You will be encouraged to hear what the power of God is doing.

Be sure to read in the bulletin what God is doing at Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence. I’m grateful we support a pro-life center that deals gently and biblically with every person who comes to them!