I am glad we are able to be with each other this morning to worship our Lord and King! If you are visiting with us, thanks for being here! We thank God every day for our religious freedom. Let us always be good stewards of that blessing!

Tonight we have a prayer meeting at 5 p.m. in the Train Station. Our nation is in turmoil. Our children are under assault. Christian ethics are being jettisoned in favor of the wisdom of man. We need God’s mercy. If the people of God won’t cry out, who will? I hope you’ll join us tonight. We do have childcare available!

Next Sunday we will hear from Caren Oswald and Bridgit Smith. They both work at Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence. Insight is a crisis pregnancy center. Our Missions Team is entering a partnership with them. Bridgit and Caren will give a brief overview of what they do. We will be able to serve them in many ways, both financially and in person. They have several volunteer opportunities for you and your children. More information will be coming! I am very glad we can help protect the sanctity of  human life.