We welcome you to our wonderful church this morning as we worship Jesus in spirit and in truth!

Today we end the series “Caring For Your Soul.” We’ll look at two verses in 1 Peter about the salvation of our soul. No topic is more important. No subject is more relevant. We need to know that we are saved. We also need to know how to lead others to Jesus. I pray this sermon and this series strengthen your soul.

Tara and I leave Wednesday to spend time with our four grandkids in Pennsylvania. My son David and his wife Margaret will be at a conference, so we’ll have the kids. I am already tired! Nathan will be in the pulpit. Pray for him as he prepares to bring God’s Word.

On Oct. 8, I will preach a sermon about what we as a staff are praying for in 2024. We are experiencing many blessings. We face some challenges. We are praying that God will do what only He can do! I hope you’ll be here for that!

Please block off the evening of Nov. 3, midday of Nov. 4, and Sunday, Nov. 5. Monte Shinkle and David Bronson will be here to preach and bring music in what we are calling “Revive Weekend.” Only God can bring sweeping revival. But you can experience a renewal/revival in your soul by being here for all the services. Please sign up at our website or use the clipboard in the foyer. Here is the schedule:

Friday, Nov. 3

  • David will lead the music. Monte will preach.

Saturday, Nov. 4

  • David will preach at 11 a.m.
  • Chick-fil-A lunch in the Train Station
  • 12:30 David will lead music, and Monte will preach.

Sunday, Nov. 5

  • No Adult Bible Fellowship. David will preach at 8:45 a.m.
  • Fellowship time until 10 a.m.
  • Monte will preach at 10 with an evangelistic emphasis. Bring your
  • lost family and friends!

There is no childcare except for Sunday morning. The reason for that is twofold:

  1. We do not want to overwork the same volunteers for childcare.
  2. We want everyone to be able to participate.

We know that will require some of you to get a babysitter. However, it will be worth the investment! And of course, we encourage you to bring your kids to sit in the service. If they become loud, take them out in the foyer.

A personal note: Tara and I always felt it was important to have our kids in worship, even when they were little. We made contests for who could remember some things the preacher said. We gave them rewards. I could elaborate more but I hope those thoughts help you.

God bless you! We love you! And if you are visiting today, Pastor Nathan and I will be in the foyer. We would love to meet you!