I am filled with gratitude for you as I write this! It’s no accident that God brought us together as a church. It’s no accident you are here this morning. God sovereignly ordains our lives! I’m so glad He brought you here this morning! It is going to be a good morning of worship.

Today is the last of three sermons on Psalm 23. We will primarily look at the phrase “the valley of the shadow of death.” What does that mean? How does it apply to us? I pray God uses this to strengthen your soul. I pray He uses this to remove the fear of death. And I pray He gives you reassurance for those dark valleys of life.

If you’ve been attending for some time, we invite you to take the next step and become a member of West Haven. You can let us know in person or complete the card in the seatback in front of you. You can put the card in a basket between the exit doors at the end of the service.

You may have been attending for some time, but you are not sure if you believe. We would be blessed to have a conversation with you and attempt to answer your questions! Let us know, and we’ll set up a time to visit with you!

There is a prayer meeting tonight at 5 p.m. in the Train Station. There is childcare. I invite you to join us. In my 27 years as a pastor, I do not remember a time more urgent than this.