Thanks for being here on the day after a lot of hard work at the Community Carnival yesterday. Nathan and I are so appreciative of all of you who work so hard to impact our community. That Carnival is the most publicly impactful event we do all year. That’s why we asked for all hands on deck. And some of you spent the whole day serving Jesus. It will be worth it for all of eternity to serve our King!

Today I will also show you a certificate given to our team who works so hard EVERY Tuesday morning to serve donuts to our entire community! Week by week, you are making a difference!

Today we continue in the series “Salvation Comes From The Lord” out of the book of Jonah. Jonah rebelled against God’s Word. God took the necessary steps to bring Jonah back from his sin. God will do that to any believer who decides to go his own way. We will rejoice in that truth, and see that truth in these verses today.

Our Missions Team is entering us in a partnership with a crisis pregnancy center named Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence. Susan Perez researched them well. Bill Weatherford, Susan, and I    visited their facility this week. We talked to their Executive Director Bridgit Smith and Outreach Coordinator Caren Oswald. Bridgit and Caren will be with us on Oct. 2 to give a brief overview of all they do. We will be able to serve them in many ways, both financially and in person. They have several volunteer opportunities for you and your children. More information will be coming! I am very glad we can help protect the sanctity of human life.

We are taking a mission trip to southern Mexico in 2023 with Vision 3:16. We hope to have a date for you by next month. Vision 3:16 is led by Larry Merry, a long-time friend of mine. He leads large eyeglass clinics to distribute glasses to people who do not have any. Then, the gospel is presented to every recipient. Many of these people have never heard the gospel. Larry and Jiovani Inocente will be with us on Nov. 20. Jiovani was the recipient of a pair of glasses in Mexico. He is staying with Larry and his wife for the next few months. We will hear from Jiovani on what a blessing this ministry is.

On Jan. 15, 2023, we will have a Missions Fair here after church. Please put that on your calendar!