We open God’s Word this morning to Psalm 23:2-3 to hear “Part Two” of “The Good Shepherd Cares For Your Soul.” Our soul is the “who we are.” The “who we are” determines the “what we do.” I am thankful Jesus is our Good Shepherd and that He cares for our soul.

This Saturday is the Community Carnival at Tongie Days. This is probably the most important work we do outside of our doors! West Haven is well-known for this carnival. We are known for doing it well. And we are known for making it free. We do this because we want to be seen as a partner in blessing our community. This also gets us out of the doors to love the people in our community – as a church. We are able to point people to Jesus through this! Pray for Saturday!

In the foyer is a bulletin board where you can sign up to help. This is where the “what you do” comes out of the “who you are.” Service is necessary to grow as a believer. There are plenty of spots available. Please – before you leave here today – take a spot. You do not have to be a member. A full bulletin board would be a joyous blessing to those planning the work. And you honor God when you serve! Tara and I have to leave before the last hour of the carnival. A renal group called NephCure asked me to be part of a panel discussion before nephrologists, care givers, and patients in downtown Kansas City on Saturday afternoon. I have volunteered for them for years. It’s a place where I can hopefully take the gospel, so please pray for me for Saturday afternoon.

Tonight at 5:30 you will hear an amazing report from our Vision 3:16 Team. This service is structured very well. God did remarkable things in that clinic. You will be greatly encouraged.

We are trying to work the bugs out of the check-in/check-out part of AWANA. We apologize for the technical problems. While Jennifer Belcher is our part-time Children’s Director, she is unable to solve technical issues with the kiosks. When Nathan returns, we’ll see if he can troubleshoot the problem. Thanks for your patience.

Be sure to read the information in the bulletin about Insight Women’s Center. Kansas has become an abortion-destination state. That’s unthinkable but here we are. The Bible speaks about injustice, and no greater injustice occurs than the death of an unborn child. We want to do all we can to prevent that, and to bless and help those who want to bring babies to term. Insight is doing great work, and it’s a privilege to support them. If you have questions about volunteering with them, see Susan Perez.