I’m glad you are with us today as we end the series “Salvation Comes From The Lord” on the book of Jonah. We do not know for sure who wrote Jonah. Many scholars believe it was Jonah himself. It seems to me that in these final verses, the message is this: don’t be like Jonah.

This series has peeled back some layers of my soul. ­I’ve heard the same thing from several of you. I am thankful Scripture is living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

When I came to West Haven in 2006, we started the Global Impact Offering to fund mission work. It is still active but has not been promoted in years. Today we want to bring it back to the forefront.

In the past, 50% of GIO giving went to West Haven missions to be used for work on mission trips, etc. We put a water well in an Honduras orphanage through that fund. We bought an eyeglass refractor for Focus on Missions through that fund. The other 50% of the GIO was divided. Half went to the International Mission Board. Half went to the North American Mission Board. Last week the Missions Team changed that. Half of the GIO will still go to West Haven Missions. The other half will go to Insight Women’s Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Lawrence.

If you were here last week, you heard from two leaders of Insight. They are doing excellent work with women who have unplanned pregnancies. I encourage you to go to their website at https://insightlawrence.org/en/. There are numerous volunteer opportunities for all age groups. Feel free to reach out to them if you want to help.

Our Missions Team is also holding a Missions Fair immediately after church on Jan. 15. Lunch will be served immediately after worship. There will hopefully be 7-8 ministries represented. Go to the tables afterward. Talk to the leaders and see what opportunities are available!

I continue to hear (almost weekly) about our donut distribution on Tuesdays. Gospel conversations have occurred. People have prayed with others. Many express their gratitude. I am very grateful for the work that all of you do to connect with our community and county. Do not grow weary in well doing. Harvest time is coming!