God bless you! We open God’s Word this morning to 2 Thessalonians again to learn how to “Stay The Course When You Want To Give Up.” Last week, we saw that genuine peace is necessary to stay the course. Today we learn that a growing faith is also necessary. And we will learn ways to grow our faith. I hope you’ll open your Bible and follow along as we expound God’s inerrant Word.

Thanks to Jack Belcher for leading music this morning as Nathan is on vacation. I am taking next week off and Nathan will be in the pulpit next Sunday.

Keith Miller will teach Wednesday night Adult Bible Study in my absence. If you have never heard Keith teach, he is outstanding. He is also one of the smartest men I know, and has a comprehensive knowledge of church history. He will bless you Wednesday.

I hope you are praying about going on our Vision 3:16 Mission Trip next summer. Larry Merry heads Vision 3:16. He will be here on Nov. 20 with a young man named Jiovani Inocente. Jiovani received a pair of eyeglasses in Mexico. He will briefly speak to us about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a pair of eyeglasses.

We are also going to host an eyeglass clinic here on May 6, 2023. We will advertise it in a wide radius in hopes of meeting many needs. If you’ve never seen a clinic, this is your opportunity.

Please put Jan. 15, 2023 on your calendar. Immediately after church that day, we will hold a Missions Fair. We are working on the ministries that will be there but I think we will have a full and biblically sound lineup. Please plan on staying that day after church.

One of the best sounds in a church is that of little kids running around, enjoying each other while their parents visit. It’s also a sign of church health. We have several young families. We want to serve them well as they raise their kids in the Lord. No matter your age, please pray about serving in our nursery. Contact our Children’s Director Jennifer Belcher for more information or questions.