I’m glad you are here! You’ve come on a special day. Joining us are two leaders of Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence. Caren Oswald is the Community Outreach Coordinator. Bridgit Smith is the Executive Director. The Missions Team is partnering with Insight as they minister to those with unplanned pregnancies.

Caren and Bridgit will share with us for a few moments about Insight. They also have a table in the foyer where you can ask questions or get more information after the service. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Insight has a significant reach in Douglas and Leavenworth Counties and beyond. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for all ages. Thank you, Caren and Bridgit, for being with us today!

Today we continue with the next-to-last sermon in the book of Jonah. We will see what it looks like when God’s grace has a broader reach than you think. And you might find that comforts you or that it troubles you.

The Leavenworth Life Chain takes place this afternoon. There is more information in your bulletin about that opportunity.

Nathan and I want to thank the many people who volunteer in different ministries and areas of this church. You amaze me! I am grateful for who you are and what you do. You make a difference for the kingdom!

We have advanced a great deal as a church in 2022. The Lord has been unusually gracious. I am praying that we see a great harvest of souls during the rest of the year and into 2023.