I’m glad to see you on this Lord’s Day! Today we finish a two-part series on “The Stewardship of Life” by looking at the life of Caleb this morning. Next week we begin a series I’m excited called “Divine Providence.” We will look at the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. God is always at work and I trust and pray that He is working in your life today!

Starting next week, I am going to switch the Bible translation I use on Sunday mornings. I began to use the CSB a few years ago in the hopes it would be a more readable and understandable translation. However, I’ve become increasingly frustrated over what it leaves out. Its intent is to be clear, which is good. However, the NASB is closer to the original text. After preaching from the CSB for some time, I believe the NASB is more profitable. So I’ll be switching to the NASB. If you decide to buy an NASB, be sure to get the 1995 edition. There is a 2020 edition. I will be using the 1995 edition. Since there is a 2020 edition, there are some clearance sales where you might be able to pick up a 1995 edition at a lower cost. I apologize to those of you who bought CSB’s to follow along with me in sermons. However, it’s still an excellent Bible. I often use it in personaldevotions. Thanks for being patient with me on this matter!

If you missed our worship service last week, we showed a video featuring Donna Gambrill, who is part of our donut ministry distribution. She and a group of people who love the Lord here at West Haven work every Tuesday. They make donuts. Then four drivers distribute them to every business in town. They have specific routes that are tracked on spreadsheets. In the video, Donna shared some of the ministry opportunities that come from this work. It’s also another way we show the love of Jesus to our community. Thank you for giving generously so we can conduct ministries like that. I am also grateful for each of you who volunteer in so many ways to honor our Lord, and to be good stewards of the gifts God gave you!

Be watching the calendar because we have some events coming up we would love for you to engage in. The Mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting is Nov. 20. We’ll have our hospitality tent there and we will be serving hot chocolate and other things. We’ll also want to give away some items to our community. We will need about 6-10 volunteers to help with that, including set up and take down of the tent, preparing and serving hot chocolate, etc. Please see me if you are willing to help. Then we have our annual Thanksgiving dinner on the evening of the 21st. That is a great time to bring family and friends to our church as we celebrate God’s goodness to us.

In 1 Kings 12, Rehoboam became the king. He had to choose how he would treat the people. Some wise men in his cabinet said “Today if you will be a servant to these people . . . if you respond to them by speaking kind words to them, they will be your servants forever.” We all like to hear kind words. They edify us. They encourage us. So I want to challenge you to speak kind words to another. Compliment the godliness that you see in others. Why is it that the only time we say anything good about people is at their funeral? Let’s not wait! Encourage someone by telling them how you see Christ in them. I am not speaking of flattery. I am speaking of what Paul said in Romans 13 when he said to give “honor to whom honor is due.”

I pray that God would move in your life and bless you in unusual ways!