Welcome to West Haven on this Lord’s Day! I’m writing this “Pastor’s Note” on Tuesday. In Kansas, that is far too early to know what the weather will be like on Sunday. Either way, it’s always a beautiful day when the church gathers for corporate worship! Corporate worship is designed to fill you with awe as you hear again of the glory of God and the gift of His amazing grace. My prayer is that we leave this worship gathering more in love with Jesus and emboldened to proclaim His excellencies to the world!

I am very excited about our 2024 Missions trip, and I know many of you are as well! We will be going to Santa Catarina Juquila (Oaxaca, Mexico) from June 1st to June 8th. We will have an informational meeting on Saturday, November 18th at 9 am. Whether you’ve been on a mission trip before or are simply considering the possibility, this meeting is for you! We will meet in the Train Station. I will share details about the trip and answer any of your questions. Larry Merry, the director of Vision 3:16, will be in attendance.

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming “Revive Weekend” from November 3rd to 5th. Our prayer for this event is that your soul will be refreshed and nourished. The event is free, but we also want to make sure there’s enough food for everyone. So, registration is essential to help us plan and provide a great experience for all. Register on the Church Center app or at https://westhaven.churchcenter.com.

On your way into the building, you likely noticed some concrete work being done. Earlier this year, our Building & Grounds team installed some drainage pipes around the front of our building to help resolve some water issues we had been having. This concrete work will finish up that project, providing an easier-to-maintain building front as well as a space for groups to meet outside!

We’ve had a wonderful start to our student ministry this year! We’re going through the book of Romans! For students (and adults alike), Romans gives us both the worst possible news and the best possible news: Not only do we desperately need a savior, but God has already accomplished that saving work through Christ.

Our Student Ministry is fortunate to have a fantastic team of dedicated adult leaders. These leaders actively participate in small group discussions with our students every week. One of my favorite moments is walking around while these students and adults dive into the text and consider how its truths can be applied to their lives. Of course, we have many people serving in ministry contexts beyond student ministry. I’m very thankful for you all.