Today we start a new (and short) series entitled “The Stewardship of Life.” C.T. Studd famously said, “You have only one life, ‘twil soon be past. Only what’s done for Jesus will last.” Every Christian will stand before Christ at what is called the “bema” seat judgment. Jesus will judge the entirety of our lives. He will give our eternal reward. I’m at an age and stage of life where I am increasingly aware of that day.

It’s not a day to be dreaded! However, we want to spend our lives focused on that day! In Philippians 2, Paul said he was being “poured out” as a “drink offering.” Your life is being “poured out” for something. Is it something that will last? We’ll look at this subject for the next two weeks, Lord willing.

I received a blessed call this week. If you’ve been at West Haven for some time, you may remember Pastor Juoty Jalarue. He came to the U.S. from a U.N. Refugee camp about 10 years ago. He started a Liberian church plant in the Northland. We were the first church to partner with him. We helped them financially for quite a while. Many of you were with me when we attended a Sunday night service with them in their infancy.

He called to invite us to a celebration/thanksgiving service on Nov. 14. Attached to today’s bulletin is a letter inviting you to that service. All you need to do is RSVP per the instructions in the letter. Unfortunately, I will be returning from being out of town that evening and will be unable to attend.

Our help was instrumental in their launch. Now they are financially self-sustaining. They bought a building. What a blessing it is to have the privilege of joining God in His kingdom work!

You’ve been so generous in helping ethnic plants start in the Kansas City area. We have given for years to Luis Mendoza’s work. You assisted in getting the Multi-Ethic Church Planting Center at 217 S Benton in Kansas City, Mo. both financially and with hands-on-help. I believe there are four churches that currently meet there. Other churches have been launched from there. You were instrumental in starting that center. We’ve also helped Luis in a successful church plant in the Northland. We are currently assisting him with another church now. You recently gave generous help to Linwood Baptist Church (a replant, not an ethnic plant) and they are off and running.

Oftentimes we invest in God’s kingdom work and we don’t see an immediate return. Sometimes we don’t see the result in our lifetime. But what a joy it is to see fruit borne for the kingdom with our own eyes! Thanks for being a generous church, with your time, skill, and finances. West Haven is making a difference locally and in this region!