It’s good to have you with us as we start a series entitled “The Parables of Jesus: Wisdom for Life.” We start with the surprising reason Jesus taught in parables. Then Jesus gives an example, using the parable of the “soils”, sometimes called the parable of the “sower.”

I want to clear up some poor communication on my part during last week’s sermon about the role Nathan will be taking on with Vision 3:16. I misunderstood part of it, so I communicated it wrongly, and for that, I apologize.

  1. It will not become a full-time or even a part-time role.
  2. If all goes well, circa 2025 and beyond, he will lead our group to Mexico without Larry’s help or supervision.
  3. He is not compensated financially.

This is a wide-open door “for effective service” as Paul put it. God did this!  So, we are excited to walk into this opportunity He created to advance His kingdom! If you weren’t here last week, please go to our website and listen to the sermon. It outlines some of the goals we are aiming for in 2024!

Please join us tonight at 5 p.m. in the Train Station for a prayer meeting! After national and world developments so far in 2023, God has surely gotten our attention. We need to seek Him together, as a church.

We greatly desire that you be part of all five services in our upcoming “Revive Weekend.” Please sign up today through Planning Center or use the clipboard in the foyer. It’s necessary for every believer to set aside time to replenish their soul! That’s what the “Revive Weekend” is intended to do. As I preached in the previous series, nothing is more important than your soul. You have a soul. It is uniquely you. It was created by God. Therefore, it is your most important possession. It will exist forever, either in a place called heaven or a place called hell. Therefore, it is of the utmost value. So nourish it the first weekend in November!

What a privilege we have to freely gather! And what a joy it is when we do. Lord bless you. It’s great to see you today!