Today is the 23rd and final sermon in our series entitled “Practical Christianity” out of the book of James. In this passage, James explains how important it is to keep one another from the “error of his way.” This is something that occurs when you are in community with your local church. I’ve been thrilled to see a very high percentage of Adult Bible Fellowship attendance compared to worship attendance. That is probably the best place that community occurs (along with Wednesday night studies and ministries.) When we are in close community, others can speak truth into our lives. We are encouraged. We are strengthened. We gain wisdom. Proverbs says “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” And the end result is that we do not stray into the “error of our way.”

One of the next times we want to be visible in and bless our community is the Mayor’s Christmas tree lighting on Nov. 20. The city of Tonganoxie has given us the green light to put our hospitality tent there. We intend to serve hot chocolate and maybe cider, give away some items, and show grace and kindness to our community. Thanks for your generous giving, and faithful service that makes this possible. We want to bless our community in the name of Jesus because Jesus is worth it!

Much thanks to the eight ladies who participated in the “Mom’s and Muffins” event at Tonganoxie Elementary School on Thursday. The TES principal emailed me to thank us for that. I though his email would encourage you:

Mike, It was awesome! We needed the extra help today so thank you!  On behalf of TES please know we appreciate all the support of West Haven Church. I want to put a bug in your ear for our Dads & Donuts that will take place on November 16th.  Same scenario, just men who can help.  I will touch base again as we get closer to that time.

We also gave $3,000 toward the TES Backpack Buddies” program that supplies food to kids for the weekends. I am grateful for a church that wants to bless our community in the name of Jesus.

I want to keep the issue of inviting people to church on your radar screen. No matter what kind of studies or research is done, outside of parents leading children to Jesus, nothing is more fruitful than friends inviting friends to church. As we’ve said the last two weeks, God often works through human agency. And He can and is working through you!