I hope you were blessed as you celebrated Thanksgiving this week. I am thankful for you, and your attendance today. If you are a guest, we are glad you are here. And maybe you are with us today, having visited family during Thanksgiving. I rejoice in your faithfulness to get up and come to church today!

For the next few weeks, we’ll step out of our series “Divine Providence: The Life Of Joseph.” Today I want to talk to you about running the race that is the Christian life. Hebrews 12:1 says we are to run with endurance. However, that presents a problem. We grow weary and faint. But the verses we look at today will show us how to overcome those obstacles. You CAN run the race with endurance. You can hit the finish line running.

Starting tomorrow, I am taking 10 days off. I’ll be back on Dec. 9 and in the pulpit Dec. 12. I need time to rest physically, mentally, and especially spiritually. I want to lead us well as we approach 2022. Sometimes people say “how can I help?” One of the best ways you can help right now is to volunteer to serve in our Sunday morning nursery. There is information in our bulletin on how to do that. I am very grateful for the faithful saints that love on that next generation!

Warmly greet Mark Clifton as he fills our pulpit next week. He is the church replanting and revitalization specialist for the North American Mission Board. He is good at what he does. They fly him all over the country to teach aspiring pastors how to bring dead churches back to life. He is also the lead pastor at Linwood Baptist Church. So he is taking a Sunday off there to fill the pulpit here. You will want to be here!

Thanks for your generous giving. Our general fund offering last week was over $73,000! I cannot express how grateful I am for a church that faithfully AND generously gives to God’s work!

Thanksgiving is always a good time to count your blessings. Here is a very brief list of mine! I am thankful for:

  • Being called here 15 1⁄2 years ago and being able to plant our lives with you. For the best wife in the world.
  • For the freedom and safety of America.
  • For being called into ministry.
  • For my kidney donor.
  • For food, shelter, and clothing.
  • For the printed Word of God.
  • For being able to have a large number of friends over the years. For a Savior who will never leave us!