I’m glad to be back with you today after being in Jefferson City, Mo. to preach last weekend. Thanks for letting me extend West Haven’s footprint! Today we will be in Genesis 37 as we look at the “What Ifs” of life. There are times in life when we think “what if that thing never happened?” But it could be that the “what ifs” in life are unrecognized ministers sent by God to bless you. I trust you will be blessed and God will be exalted as we sing, and pray, and preach, and fellowship this morning.

As Pastor Nathan mentioned to you last week, we have many things that have just happened or are about to happen. So here’s a list.

  1. Last Sunday night, some of you were at the celebration service for the House of God Community Church in North Kansas City. They are a Liberian Church plant. We were the first church to help them, and I’m told our help was crucial in getting them off the ground. They recognized us with a plaque, which was very thoughtful. Your giving helped bring that church into existence. And now they are self-sustaining!
  2. We had eight men help at Tonganoxie Elementary School on Tuesday at “Dads & Donuts.” Some of the men took the morning off work to be there. You made a difference in the lives of those kids! And I repeatedly heard from the TES principal, teachers, and other Dads how grateful they were for our help.
  3. Our donut distribution continues to be noticed. People are very grateful!
  4. AWANA continues to put the Word of God in the hearts of children. The “Hungry Games”. Wednesday night was a blessing.
  5. We were the hands and feet of Jesus again last night at the “Mayor’s Christmas Tree” lighting. Thanks to those of you who prepared, set up, attended, and tore down.
  6. Pastor Nathan led our students, and many student leaders, at a mission for the homeless at Eleos Coffee House in downtown Kansas City yesterday. I have a couple of friends who are involved in that ministry. We may have more ministry opportunities with them in the future.

That’s a lot of ministry in the name of Jesus for one week! That was done by your faithful service to our Lord. And it was done by your faithful giving. We ARE making a difference. We ARE bearing fruit for the kingdom. And we always do it because Jesus is worth it!

Tonight is our annual Thanksgiving meal. Bring a friend! Be willing to sit by someone you don’t know and have fellowship with them. Also, before the meal is our annual budget hearing. I’m thankful for a Stewardship Team under the leadership of Robert Perez that has done an excellent job in creating a good budget for 2022.

Be cognizant of bringing someone to church with you as we approach the Christmas season. I do believe the fields are ripe for harvest!