Lord bless you as you enter this building this morning! Pastor Nathan has a blessed sermon prepared. I’ve read a bit of it. It’s a good word. I am preaching this morning at Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Mo. Their pastor, Monte Shinkle, is retiring after 30 years there. They asked me to preach a “retirement” sermon as they honor him. I was the associate pastor there in the mid-2000s. My son David Bronson is their Director of Student Ministry. Thanks for letting me extend West Haven’s footprint. I am honored to be there. I will be excited to be back with you.

On behalf of Nathan and Jenny, Tara and I want to thank you for recognizing us last Sunday, and for your generous gift. It is a genuine privilege to serve you. You are a great church. I believe God has good things for all of us in the future.

We are blessed this morning to pull into a brand new parking lot! Thanks for the gracious provision of our Lord, we were able to pay for it without debt. Please see an announcement elsewhere in today’s bulletin for more details.

Carol Stouffer went home to be with Jesus Thursday morning. Her funeral will be here on Nov. 20 at 10 a.m. There is no visitation. Please pray for her son, Blake Waters, and the rest of the family. Carol was precious to Tara and me. God brought Blake, his wife Kathryn, and Carol to us one month after Tara and I came here. Tara and I now live in the house where Carol used to live. It is good to remember Jesus will come again, and as Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5 “so we shall always be with the Lord.”

There are several things I want to keep you up to date on!

Ministry Opportunities

God is opening doors for us to be Jesus in our community. Attached to this bulletin is a “Dads & Donuts” flyer sent to us by TES Principal Chuck Mahon. There are three different hours as you’ll see on the flyer. They need 4-5 men for each hours. Wear your green “West Haven Loves Tonganoxie” shirt. If you can make any or all of the three times, please let me know!

God has also opened a door for us to minister at the “Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting” on Nov. 20. Men and women and boys and girls are welcome! Donna Gambrill is organizing this. We’ll have our hospitality tent there. We’ll serve hot chocolate and cider (not hard ) and give away some other items. Please contact me if you are willing to be part of this.

Mark Jan. 29 on your calendar. Dan Williams is working on setting up an eyeglass clinic at a church in the inner city. If it is a “go” we’ll also be collecting some items to give away (such as winter coats or food, depending on what the church requests.)

Please be part of these ministry opportunities to make Jesus well known in our community! It’s an opportunity to shine our light. Jesus is worth it.

Administrative Updates

We were finally able to order printers for iPads to begin checking in children at the front of the children’s wing for Sunday morning children’s ministry (We’ve been unable to purchase printers for several weeks due to the supply chain issues.) Electrical service is now installed. We have to install doors at the front of the children’s wing and then we will be ready. We will give you ample notice of the beginning date and new procedures.

I will be taking off Nov. 29 – Dec. 8. On Sunday, December 5th, Mark Clifton will be here to preach. Mark works for the North American Mission Board. He is their church replanting and revitalization specialist. And he is good at what he does. He is also the lead pastor at Linwood Baptist Church. So he is taking a Sunday off there to fill the pulpit here. I will be delighted that he will be here!