Welcome to West Haven on a good day! I’m glad to be back with you after a week of rest! Today we resume our series in 2 Thessalonians. May we encounter God as we open His Word this morning!

Pastor Nathan, Kristen Foster, Afton Boone, Samuel Spiker, Elizabeth Spurlin, and some high school students returned last night from an apologetics conference in Minneapolis, MN. “Stand To Reason” ministries hosted it, led by Greg Koukl. We’ll hear from Nathan this morning on what God did there, and among our students. I think so highly of “Stand To Reason” that I wanted to attend. However, I am very grateful that our students could attend!

Next Sunday, Larry Merry of Vision 3:16 will be with us. A young man named Jiovani Inocente will be with him. Jiovani received a pair of glasses while in Mexico. So we will hear from Larry about Vision 3:16, and from Jiovani about what it is like to receive a pair of glasses. Larry will be leading us on an eyeglass mission trip to LaRaya, Soyaltepec, Mexico on Aug. 8-15, 2023. Please be sure to give him and Jiovante a warm welcome. And pray about being part of that trip!

Tonight is our monthly prayer meeting at 5. We will meet in the Train Station. I sure hope you will join us.

You will see elsewhere in our bulletin that our 2023 budget is out. As always, our Stewardship Team did a wonderful job of creating a wise and sensible budget. They are holding a budget hearing  next week at 4:30 in the classroom off the foyer. That is a time for you to ask questions, if you have any. We will vote on the budget in early December.

Also, our annual Thanksgiving dinner starts at 5 p.m. next Sunday. If you are new to West Haven, it is a blessed time of food and fellowship. Bring friends and family and join us!