These are blessed days at West Haven, and I’m glad you are here. Today we continue in the series “Jesus’ Parables: Wisdom For Life” with Part 2 of what is known as the “Parable of the Prodigal Son.” Despite the title, this parable teaches us more about God than the “prodigal” or his brother!

I’ve heard many good things from “Revive Weekend” last Friday through Sunday. I know it blessed me. It was good for me to sit where you sit and hear preaching. To be able to sing loudly without concern for my preaching voice. To have the Holy Spirit convict and edify me during the services. To experience your perspective of a worship service. Thanks to all of you who came. I know you were blessed.

Today, we see some of the fruit of that time as we rejoice in three baptisms. We also have eight more people wanting to become members. I thank God for the fruit He is bearing through you and your work in the ministry.

You probably noticed the concrete on the east side of the building. That’s primarily to divert water away from the building. We have an amazing Building and Grounds Team. They are doing an incredible job of stewarding the property God has provided for us. Thanks to: Scott Foster, chairman, and team members Bill Mages, Gordon Brest, Larry Zaritz, and Kelly Bingham.

Soon, we will present you a 2024 budget coming from our equally excellent Stewardship Team: Robert Perez, chairman, and team members Jenny Slusser, Gail Drake, and John Overend. Thank you!

Our Donut Ministry team received a thank you from the Tonganoxie Library for providing donuts for their “Pumpkin’ Chuckin” last Tuesday. Soon is the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting. The city asked us to provide food for that. You do an amazing job of going outside the doors, serving the community, and making it a better place to live. It’s all done in the name of Jesus, and it helps us reach people for Jesus!