Welcome to West Haven on a very eventful Sunday morning. There is much to share with you!

First, we are excited to announce that Jennifer Belcher is joining the West Haven staff as a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry (10-15 hours a week). Jennifer and her husband Jack have been at West Haven since 2013. They have four boys, Josiah, Justus, Jabin, and Jericho. Jack is an integral part of our Praise Team. Jennifer also leads the growing homeschool group Shema which meets at West Haven on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year.

I’ve been hoping to get her on board for quite some time (as in years) but events, including COVID, precluded that. She is a very insightful and intelligent person. We are so very much looking forward to her leadership in that department. This position does not include any work with AWANA.

This morning we also rejoice that it appears that the infamous Roe v. Wade abortion decision handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973 is going to be overturned. If the decision holds, it will set off a firestorm among the proponents of abortion. We need to pray against that. And we need to realize that this does not end abortion. This simply means that each state will have to decide whether or not abortion is legal. That makes the “Value Them Both” amendment meeting here on June 26 that much more important. (Please see elsewhere in today’s bulletin for information about the meeting.) And while Christians should work on the legislative front, the ultimate goal is to change hearts.

We lament over all the lives lost, millions of them. We lament at the post-abortive grief and guilt experienced by those who were part of an abortion. We recognize the “world forces of darkness” and the “spiritual forces of wickedness” are always at work. Who wants to kill people made in God’s image more than Satan? While we rejoice, we have much to pray about.

I have been named to the Executive Board of the Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association for the next three years. You will meet the new KCKBA Director of Missions here next Sunday as he will bring us God’s Word. Please give him a wonderful West Haven welcome.

Thanks to the ladies who blessed the teachers at Tonganoxie Middle School this past Tuesday! They delivered donuts to them on Tuesday and I know they were blessed. They delivered 2,196 donuts to them and to our community on Tuesday. They even delivered some donuts to me!