If you are visiting, thanks so much for being here! You’ve come to the right place! And we pray you are blessed.

I hope you were able to start today in an Adult Bible Fellowship class. We have excellent and dedicated teachers. This morning in worship, we recognize our 2023 graduates. Children’s Director Jennifer Belcher will tell us about VBS. And then you’ll hear from Micah Gelatt. He is going to be the pastor of the church in Wasilla, Alaska I mentioned last week. I’m excited about all of this!

Today will be the second sermon in the series “Take Heart.” Last week we looked at “Why Wickedness Is Increasing.” I was surprised by the number of people I heard from after last week’s sermon. I think this series will strike at the heart of what is on your heart. So today we open God’s Word to Psalm 10 to consider “How To Pray When Wickedness Is Growing.”

In your bulletin is an update from Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence. We support them through our Global Impact Offering. Half of the GIO goes to West Haven missions. The other half goes to Insight. Be sure to look over the update. God is working through them, including opening a house for single, pregnant mothers!

I want to thank each of you who served so faithfully this past school year in AWANA, Student Ministry, and in the kitchen on Wednesday nights. Your faithfulness makes a difference that you may or may not be able to see now. But you will see the reward for all of eternity! Faithfulness matters! Faithfulness will result in multiplied blessings far beyond what we can imagine!

As of Tuesday, 72 people have enrolled in the Joshua Project. Paul Flewwellin is going to Adult Bible Fellowship classes to give you more information. Please check with him if you have questions! There are also flyers on the rolling cart in the foyer. You can use them to invite people to attend.