You’ve come on a day when we are abounding in God’s blessings! I’ll open God’s Word to John 1 and preach about knowing Jesus more and more! We will also sing praises to Jesus, observe the Lord’s Supper, give, pray, and fellowship. I never want to take these privileges for granted!

We also give God glory for the Job Fair on Thursday! The number of job seekers was outstanding. Those of you who volunteered are incredible. You blessed so many people. And when you bless just one person, it has a ripple effect. It blesses their family, friends, and our area as well. Those blessings can extend beyond your lifetime. And it’s all done in the Name of Jesus!

Dr. Bill Weatherford presented us with a $2,000 check from Lawrence Memorial Hospital to pay for the medications that will be used on the Mexico Mission Trip. We are grateful to LMH. They also gave $2,000 last year. It’s time to start praying earnestly for this trip. The list of people going is in the bulletin elsewhere.

As a reminder, they are going to Santa Catarina, Juquila. It is a mountain town with a large Catholic church. The center of worship in that church is a statue named the “Virgin of Juquila.” 70,000 people a year make the trek to this mountain town to worship this idol. This idol is part of their economy. It’s a reminder that Mexico is a spiritually dark place of idol worship. So is Leavenworth County. Our idols may be different, but it is still spiritually dark.

Therefore, we need you to make Jesus unmissable in Leavenworth County! If you’ve been visiting for a while and would like to talk about membership, scan the QR Code in the seat back, complete a card from the seat back, or talk to one of us. We need you, and we trust that West Haven will bless you!

It’s also time to pray for VBS! It’s June 17-21. We are trusting God for a harvest of souls.

On June 9, Paul Flewwellin will teach an Adult Bible Fellowship class entitled “Essential Questions In The Christian Faith.” He’s going to cover core doctrines of Christianity. Here’s an example: why is the virgin birth essential to Christianity? If you’re not attending an Adult Bible Fellowship class, we hope you will join Paul or become part of another class. It’s central to discipleship and to developing relationships in the church! We love you, and we are glad you are here!