We are glad to gather this morning in the name of our Lord! We also rejoice in a baptism this morning! I believe that God is “chipping away” in the lives of many people, drawing them to faith in Him. Let’s be bold in proclaiming the good news. The fields are white for harvest.

The 2020-21 AWANA and Student Ministry year greatly honored the Lord. Despite significant obstacles, the people who serve in those two ministry forged ahead. They put the Word of God in the minds and hearts of children and students. They were faithful and in so doing, they honored the Lord. Thank you to all of you who served! You blessed me and I know you blessed many, many others.

This morning you’ll hear from Kathie Riddle and Vickie Ewoldsen. Kathie is our Children’s Sunday School Director and Vickie is part of our Nursery Coordinating Team. They will talk to you about Sunday morning children’s ministry. For many, it’s a ministry that is out of sight. Yet it is a ministry to the ones who someday will carry the gospel message after us. I hope many of you will consider serving in these important areas. You’ll notice some extra checkboxes at the bottom of the card attached to your bulletin. If you are willing to serve in one of those areas, check those boxes. Put the card in the brown basket at the back of the Worship Center and we’ll get back to you.

We are planning on returning to one service on June 6. The times will be 8:45 a.m. for Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship and 10 a.m. for worship. It will be like a glorious family reunion in many ways!

Today we are changing our order of service. We’ll talk about giving just before the sermon starts, rather than at the end. We will end the service with a call to action and then a closing song. We think the service will more naturally flow that way.

I want to praise our Lord for the way He has wrought generosity into your hearts. Giving has been strong. Our building will be paid soon. Very soon. We are planning a celebration service for that. And we are planning ways to move forward as we serve our Lord and seek to grow His kingdom!