Good morning! I’m grateful you have joined us on this Lord’s Day! We gather together each week to be reminded that our identity is rooted in Jesus Christ. And as we reorient our lives each week around this truth, we repent of the sin we often find ourselves in. Those places where we search for our identity in anything and everything but Him!

I know many of you were horrified and heartbroken over the events in Uvalde. What took place at the elementary school was pure evil. As Christians, our first charge is to weep with those who weep and pray for discernment as we carve a path forward. We also pray that the Lord would soon bring his Kingdom and destroy the evils of this world. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

Next week we will have a parent/child dedication during our worship service. Parents, please sign up in the foyer ASAP! We will explain the purpose of parent/child dedications and why they are important. The parents will be asked to commit to several exhortations and then the church will be asked likewise. Finally, Jen Belcher, our Children’s Ministry Director, and I will pray over the parents.

Also next week, directly after the service, we will have another Family Fellowship Meal! The church will provide chicken and sides. We are asking church members to consider bringing a dessert. You’re also welcome to bring friends to this meal!

Included within this bulletin is a transition roadmap as we move to a new church management system. The new system’s name is Church Center (also known as, Planning Center). In time, this system will completely replace the functionality of Breeze (our current system), as well as increase functionality:

  • Children’s Ministry Check-In
  • Financial Giving (one-time giving, reoccurring gifts, and Apple Pay/Google Pay compatibility via the Church Center app!)
  • Calendar Management
  • Bible Fellowship Class/Group management and communication
  • Event Registration
  • And more +++++

My heart rejoices when Sunday morning comes around. To see the Saints gather together to worship our GREAT God is a foretaste of Heaven. It creates within our souls a rhythm of gathering and scattering. When we gather, our hearts are stretched and turned towards God. And as we scatter into the world, we are emboldened to proclaim of His excellencies and of His worth!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.