This time of the year, we focus our attention on the dark and evil events that culminated in the cross. They characterize our day all too well. A lost world hates light shining into its darkness. Yet we also remember the foundation of the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus! Jesus is the light, and the darkness did not overcome the light!

We know that Jesus took our place on the cross as a substitute for us. He suffered God’s wrath we deserved. But on this Sunday before Easter, we also see from Matthew 26 that Jesus took our place at His trial. This is why Easter is such good news. The wrath of God that we deserved was absorbed by Jesus, who deserved none of God’s wrath. Then He rose from the dead to defeat that enemy of sin, and sin’s ultimate consequence which is death. I pray you come away today with a deeper love of Jesus than ever before.

Be sure to see today’s bulletin for information about our Good Friday “Darkening Service,” and our Easter morning schedule. Who do you know that might come to church with you? I think it is the best Sunday of the year to bring the unsaved. We’ll finish the series “The Invitation” that day with a sermon from John 11:21-26 entitled, “An Invitation To Hope.”

Our Job Fair on May 2 is being well organized by Keith and Laurie Hable. As of this writing, there is space for only one more employer. Sparrow Women’s Clinic and Insight Women’s Clinic will be here as what are called “Resource Partners.” Catholic Charities has a Workforce Development group, and their manager will be attending. Good Shepherd Thrift Store will provide vouchers and a sampling of interview clothes and accessories. Volunteer signups begin April 7. You can see Keith or Laurie now if you want to volunteer. We pray for blessings for employers and job seekers!

Our job is to get the word out as much as possible. You can do that by word of mouth, social media, distributing flyers, etc.

Let’s exalt Jesus today!