As we gather this morning it’s my hope and prayer that you are growing in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus! Only eternity will reveal the fruit God produces as you live faithfully for Him.

This morning we will watch a brief video from Pastor Oleg Reutki of New Hope Eurasia. He serves with an organization called New Hope Eurasia. They are on the border of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, helping refugees as they flee from the Russian invasion. Our Missions Team met last Sunday and is asking you to give to help their efforts. We have a PayPal link on our website now where you can give directly. However, we know it is easier for many of you to give through the church. Over the next few weeks you can give by putting “New Hope Eurasia” in the memo line of a check. (We do not have credit card giving for this at this time.) Then we will distribute the funds to New Hope Eurasia.

Today we also want to reintroduce to you our Global Impact Offering. I started this when I first came to West Haven. We have not always promoted it over the years but there is still giving to it. It is distributed as follows:

  • 25% goes to the International Mission Board
  • 25% to the North American Mission Board
  • 50% to West Haven Missions

This offering has been used in great ways over the years. We bought an eyeglass refractor for Vision316. We built a water well at an orphanage in Honduras a few years ago. The Missions Team is giving $1,000 of the current $1,500 balance in West Haven Missions to help New Hope Eurasia. So you can always give to the Global Impact Offering by putting GIO on your giving envelope and designating the amount, or putting GIO in the memo line of your check.

Please be sure to join us on March 27 for a Family Fellowship Meal after church! We would like to restart our fellowship that COVID dampened so please make plans to join us. And it would be great if you sat with someone you don’t know. Please bring guests with you as well!

We also hope you will be part of our first Community Spring Festival on our grounds on April 16. We will have an Easter egg hunt, give away candy, and have bounce houses for kids. We are holding a Car Care Clinic and will provide refreshments. On top of that, we will give away eight $50 gas gift cards. Please invite neighbors and friends, especially those with children! This is also a good time to invite people to church. Be willing to help and mingle with people and introduce yourselves. We want to be a church that is always reaching out to the community in the name of Jesus!

You can be part of this work by buying candy for the giveaway. Please see elsewhere in the bulletin for what we need and where to drop it off. Thanks for being a generous church that loves Jesus in so many tangible ways!