Welcome to West Haven Church on this great Lord’s Day! Each Sunday, we gather for corporate worship. Corporate worship is designed to redirect our hearts from the things of this world to the gaze of our Savior whose mercy is ready to embrace us as we turn to Him. Thank you for being here.

As we approach Good Friday, we invite you to join us for our Darkening Service on April 7th at 6:30 p.m. This service will be unique; very different from what we are accustomed to at West Haven. It will be a weighty service; it will remind us of the weight of our sin and Jesus’ work on the cross. Several members from West Haven will speak throughout the service. It is designed to heighten within our souls an anticipation for Easter when we will celebrate Jesus in the brilliant light of His resurrection!

You may be asking, “Why is it called a Darkening Service?”. It’s a great question and the answer is quite simple. Throughout the service, as we reflect on the “Seven Sayings of Jesus from the Cross”, the room will progressively dim until it culminates in complete darkness (there will be ample illumination for us to exit safely). In addition, we will leave the service in silence – but that’s because the service does not actually conclude on Friday night! The service does not conclude until Easter morning. And I promise you, Easter morning will not be silent!

We are also excited to announce Ascend Camp, a five-day summer camp experience for high school students. From June 24th to June 28th, students will have the opportunity to connect with their peers, deepen their faith, and have fun through various activities and outings. Students, please register as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is interested but have questions, please contact the church office or Pastor Nathan.