God bless you as you gather to worship with us this morning! We don’t know if anyone who went on the Vision 3:16 Mission Trip is here this morning. When they left, the guess was they would get home at midnight last night. So, if any of them are here, they are certainly weary! We can’t wait to hear what God did in them and through them! God used them to change lives in southern Mexico!

We will open our Bibles to John 3 this morning. We’ve come to the text where Jesus said, “Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” So, the title of this sermon is “Twice Born People In A Once Born World.”

I’ve been thinking about how blessed we are by God. He chooses to use you and me to change the eternal destiny of another person. God used the Vision 3:16 team to change eternal destinies. He can use you to change eternal destinies through Vacation Bible School on June 17-21. Our Kids’ Director Jennifer Belcher still has some spots available where you can serve, and there is a lot of flexibility. Let her know if you are willing! By giving a child the gospel, you can potentially play a part in the salvation of other people long after you go to your eternal reward! It’s grace after grace after grace from God.

Next week, we will distribute a Ministry Interest Inventory. We would like every member and regular attender of West Haven to complete one. Its purpose is to help us know where you can serve most effectively in ministry. We want to serve and bless you well!

Paul Flewwellin started teaching a class this morning entitled “Essential Questions In The Christian Faith.” It’s an important class where you can learn the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. We hope every one of you is involved in a Sunday morning Bible class! There is a list in the bulletin each week. Being in a class blesses you, the people in the class, and the whole church!