Our gathering on Sunday will be a special day! This will be the first time in approximately 15 months we’ve been together in one service. I hope you’ll start to renew your fellowship with one another again. We are also blessed today by two baptisms and three people joining our fellowship. May the Lord bless us with more, every week!

Our Bible Fellowship Classes are up and running also. I hope you’ll be part of one moving forward. We desire to reach people with the gospel and then disciple them. Much discipleship takes place in a Bible Fellowship Class. Some of you have asked if I’ll be teaching one. The answer is “yes” but I won’t be ready until next month at the earliest.

Today we continue in the book of James in two verses that are packed with meaning. In verses 26 and 27 of chapter 1, he is going to give us three marks of authentic worship. I pray the Lord would rule and reign in your heart today as we open God’s Word.

Next Sunday is also a special day! We will celebrate the retirement of our debt. We’ll have a meal from Chris Cakes afterward. Please make plans to stay and enjoy the fellowship.

God has graciously provided for us over the years. We are now in a position to take the next steps He has for us. Would you pray with us about those next steps? I never want to make plans and ask God to bless them. I pray we would get His plans and that we would be obedient to Him in all things.

Be encouraged, folks! There are a lot of good things happening in our church and in the kingdom of God. I want to encourage you to invite people to church. The number one way people are saved and “stick” in a church is when a friend invites them. A simple invitation to church is also a good jumping off point for a gospel witness. God will bless your efforts.