It’s good to see you, church family! I have missed you greatly these last three weeks!

Thanks so much for your texts, emails, and prayers over the past three weeks. I am doing well. I still have a catheter in my chest. I have six more outpatient treatments and I should be finished. Everything is going exactly according to plan. I am grateful to God. I am grateful for you!

Today we resume our series “Divine Providence” in the life of Joseph. In Genesis 41 and 42, I want you to see how God awakens men and women to sin. He uses both “sharp” and “gentle” words to bring people to an awakening. His words and His work can even result in God’s grace being misunderstood. But the ultimate result is that men and women see the guilt of their sin. That is when they are ready to turn to Jesus.

After the service this morning, please join us in the fellowship hall on the lower level for lunch. The food is provided so please join us, especially if you are visiting. I am hoping someone brought a cherry pie for me (which I’m really not supposed to eat anyway.) If not, I will suffer hardship as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

Tonganoxie Elementary School used our tents, including our Hospitality Tent, in their Field Day recently. We received a gracious note from them, thanking us for all we do for them including the funding for Backpack Buddies. We also received a note from all the employees at City Hall, thanking us for our donut distribution. The assistant administrator’s note said, “You are so supportive of the entire community with efforts like this.” Thanks for what you are doing! You are making the Name of Jesus known in Tonganoxie and southern Leavenworth County!