It’s good to be back with you after a week off! I am grateful to God that after a few days off, I am always ready to “get back in the saddle.”

We enjoy God’s blessings today! We start with two baptisms. Then Pastor Nathan will tell you about the Student Ministry Camping Retreat the past few days. Then I’ll continue in the series “Take Heart” with a sermon from Romans 12:9-11 about “How To Become Fervent When Wickedness Is Growing.”

Vacation Bible School is almost upon us. Many of you are working diligently in preparation, and I am grateful for you! Jennifer Belcher is doing amazing work at keeping it organized. She still needs help in several areas, particularly in the leadership of some classes. Please talk to her about these opportunities to serve the Lord in what we trust is going to be a fruitful time. We already have over 60 kids enrolled. That number will be higher as the date approaches.

We also have over 100 enrolled in the Joshua Project, and we anticipate that number will grow. We will be asking for childcare volunteers for those evenings. We are also working on some simple food items (i.e., pizza by the slice) since many of you will be coming straight from work.

Thanks for being here today. If you are a guest, me and/or Pastor Nathan and Kirk would love to meet you afterwards!