Our Vision 3:16 Team left for Mexico yesterday morning. I do not remember being this excited about a mission trip. While I’m selfishly disappointed that I can’t go, I am so grateful for those making the trip.

They are going into a mountain town where the center of worship is a syncretistic Catholic church building. In the center of that “church” is a statue called the Virgin of Jugilia. The Vision 3:16 team will work through a small church there, the lone church in that town. They will give used eyeglasses to people who need physical sight. The members of that church will present the gospel to those in need of spiritual sight. It is likely that many will either hear of Jesus for the first time or learn about His true identity for the first time. Let’s pray for them this morning.

I am reminded of a friend from years ago who was involved in a lot of mission work. He went to a small, remote village in a foreign country. His team knew tooth decay was rampant there. They wanted to teach them dental hygiene. As part of the plan to reach them, the team brought dozens of little toothbrushes in plastic wrappers. Upon arrival, they gave a toothbrush to everyone in the village.

Later, my friend went to the leader of this group. He noticed the toothbrush he gave him was still encased in its plastic wrapper. He asked him why he wasn’t using the toothbrush. He said, “We are all using a toothbrush. We want to make them last, so we are passing around one at a time.” We need to ask the Vision 3:16 group if they brushed their teeth this week!

VBS is coming soon. We hope to reach children for Jesus that week. We also hope to make connections with the people there who are not churched.