Good morning! If you are visiting with us today, welcome! We are glad you are here! If it’s your first time, complete the card in the seat back in front of you, and take it to the green kiosk in the foyer after the service. We have a gift for you for being with us.

We start today with another baptism! We also pray for our high school students as they are with Pastor Nathan, and Paul and Tina Flewwellin, to Ascend Camp in Carlinville, IL. (That’s not far from where I grew up, and about an hour north of St. Louis.) We pray it is a fruitful week. And thanks to Jack Belcher, who will lead our worship in Nathan’s absence this morning.

Today we end the series “Take Heart.” We will open God’s Word to Mark 13 to learn “How To Have Hope When Wickedness Is Growing.” God’s Word ALWAYS speaks to what is happening in our day and age!

I encourage you to be here at 5 p.m. tonight for our monthly prayer meeting. It’s held in the Train Station. Depending on the size, we break into small groups. We need to pray now more than ever before!

I know you were blessed by the Joshua Project on Wednesday night. Bless the men who are leading us in it. Bless you for being part of it. I know it will strengthen your faith!