We are glad you are with us to worship the Lord Jesus this morning! We’ll continue in the series “Divine Providence” by looking at the transformation of Joseph’s brothers in Genesis 43 and 44. And what Joseph did with his brothers, Jesus will do for you! Take heart, He has overcome the world!

You’ll notice today that we are launching our First Impressions Team! I’m very excited about this. It is very important to have a clear process for guests. We want to show them excellent hospitality. We also want to provide a clear track to the next steps in becoming a participating member. I’m thankful to Nathan and Jennifer for doing the leg work on this important ministry.

Our Missions Team has been at work. There are two dates you may want to put on your calendar. There is a mission trip to Florida on Dec. 26-Jan. 1. We will be working with a homeless ministry there. Also, a Mission Fair is scheduled for after church on Jan. 15, 2023. They are working on other projects as well. Please pray for them as they do their work.

We are meeting with an architect in two weeks to discuss further the possibility of remodeling our children’s area. This is our second meeting with him. There are no plans to suddenly act on this. I just want to keep you informed.

I’ve been asked what version of the Bible I’m using on Sundays. It’s the New American Standard Bible 95. The “95” designates a revision date, which was 1995. There is a 2020 revision but the 95 is almost exactly the same.

I’ve also been asked about my health. I have at least two more treatments and then a doctor’s appointment on Thursday. Thanks so much for your prayers and texts and words of encouragement. I love you!