As you can see, Vacation Bible School is tomorrow! Many hard-working people are going to bless the lives of children and parents in Tonganoxie and Leavenworth County. Today we’ll pray for everyone helping this week. This is an “all hands-on deck” ministry, and we need help in several areas. Please talk to Jennifer Belcher if you would be willing to help. And thank you SO MUCH to you who are serving and have already put in a great deal of time and effort!

This will be eternally impactful! Many people come to Jesus when they are a child. And today, parents sometimes come to Jesus after their children come. We are trusting that our church’s mission statement will be clearly seen this week: we exist to see people saved, lives changed, and Jesus glorified.

Today we will also hear from Steve McIlvain and Dave Penny of the Joshua Project. They will give you more information as to what will be covered. As of Wednesday, we have 158 enrolled! We expect the final total to be around 200. Nathan sent an email about food to all who have registered. If you haven’t answered that, please do so, even if you don’t want food. This will help us plan accordingly. At this point, having childcare is not likely. We have been unable to get volunteers.

This is also eternally impactful! So much pain that exists in the world comes from an evolutionary worldview. A worldview answers (1) where did I come from? – origin. (2) who am I? – identity. (3) why am I here? -purpose. (4) what will happen to me? – destiny.

Christians know we are created in God’s image. We were made for Him. We exist to love, serve, and worship Him. And we can spend eternity with Him. Evolution implies we are an accident. It teaches we are only an advanced animal. We have no transcendent purpose. And when we die, it’s all over. Thank God we can know we are His, and that our future is secure!

The Southern Baptist Convention meets this week in New Orleans. Pray for it. There are storm clouds over the convention. The media will publish many negative stories. Not all of them will be true.