If you’re visiting with us today, thanks so much for being here! We would love to have a record of your attendance. There is a QR code on the seatback in front of you and a card. Complete one of the two, and we’ll be in touch to thank you for coming. God bless you!

If you’ve been visiting for a time, and God is leading you to become part of us, please talk to me or Pastor Nathan (Pastor Kirk is gone today) or complete a card. There is a basket in the back where you can put the card at the end of the service. We’ll get you started through our membership materials!

Today I am preaching a sermon entitled “Being An Unshakable Believer: Standing Against Satanic Attack.” Where did Satan come from? What are some ways he attacks us? It is important to know those truths because Satan is a “roaring lion who seeks to devour.”

Next week I’m starting a series entitled “Caring For Your Soul.” You have a soul. It is uniquely you. It was created by God. It is your most important possession. It will exist forever. Therefore, it is of the utmost value. So, we want to know how to care for it.

The air conditioner on the west side of the worship center is out. We are waiting for a new compressor. So, when we start the service, it will be a bit cold in here. But it will warm up.

I am reminded of a friend who traveled frequently for business, including parts of the Philippines. A church there wanted him to be present for the grand opening of their building (he actually paid for it.) He said it was a pole barn. Pigs and chickens would run between the benches during the service. I am certainly thankful for what God has blessed us with.