I’m glad you are here today! And I am grateful that you are here! If you are visiting, I would love to meet you after the service!

The second Sunday in January is always good. Many of you have been gone over the Christmas season. This is usually the Sunday when most people are back. I love it because I haven’t seen many of you in two or three weeks. So I am very glad to see you today!

This morning is the second sermon in a brief series entitled “Building Bridges in Babylon.” Today we will open to the book of Jeremiah and the book of Malachi. If you weren’t able to listen to last week’s sermon, please take time to hear it. These sermons are intended to set our direction in 2022. God has good things for us this year. He also has good things for you. We are going to build bridges in our community so they can know Jesus!

Nathan, Kirk, and I spent the bulk of the day on Monday praying and planning for 2022. We decided to go to the library, simply to get “off-site” and to be able to focus. We covered a great deal of ground. Thank you for praying for us. I want you to know that we systematically pray for you by praying through our church directory week by week. We love you!

You’ll see a note in today’s bulletin about giving statements. We’ve printed all giving statements in the past. The vast majority are not picked up. Also, our old system contained the potential of a privacy breach. So this year we will send giving statements by request. Please contact our financial secretary Alexa Ferguson at alexa@westhaven.church if you have questions. She does a great job and will be glad to help you. I am grateful for a church that gives freely and generously.