Jesus Christ is Lord. He is risen from the grave and rules and reigns today over all of creation. And the Bible says God is about “the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.” Jesus may return during our worship service, immediately after, or maybe not for many thousands of years. Praise God we know He is coming back and that our eternal future is secure!

Today we continue in the series “A Great Commission Reset.” I want us to look at a foundational truth of God’s Word this morning and it’s this: God loves you. Romans 5 contains one of the clearest passages in the Bible about God’s love for you. If we are going to fulfill the Great Commission, it’s imperative we believe God loves us. It becomes very natural to tell others about a God whose love for you is unconditional. I trust you will be blessed this morning.

Today we also continue our push to sponsor 150 children through Compassion International. Our Missions Team will be at two registration tables this morning after both services to help you. See elsewhere in today’s bulletin for more information.

We are still up in the air regarding a Super Bowl party next Sunday. There is a clipboard on a kiosk on the south side of the foyer (behind the CI registration table). If you would come to a party next Sunday, please sign up there. Also give us your email address. We will let you know if we have enough to gather.

Tonight is monthly churchwide prayer meeting at 5 p.m. We’ll meet in the Worship Center. Microphones will be set up so we can socially distance and still hear one another as we pray.

Let’s rejoice in the goodness of our Lord this morning!