Welcome to West Haven. It’s 2022. I remember being a kid and hearing about a movie entitled “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I thought 2001 was a million years away. It turns out it was only about 30 years away. And now we are well past 2001. The moral of the story? “Man is like a mere breath. His days are like a passing shadow.” (Psalm 144:4). So Paul wrote, “Redeem the time.” I pray that God would accomplish His will in each of our lives this year.

I want to start the year with a brief series entitled “Building Bridges in Babylon.” We’ll start today in Jeremiah 29. The Holy Spirit lays out truth here that speaks so clearly to us here in 2022. I think we are poised to have a great year as a church! It’s all in His hands. And I am so glad!

I hope that this will also be a new, and healthy start for you in terms of good spiritual habits. I am thinking of four in particular:

  1. Daily Bible reading.
  2. Focused prayer.
  3. Church participation.
  4. Involvement in our outreaches and ministries.

Be involved and you’ll be amazed at how God begins to grow you spiritually!

It’s very important to study the Word of God. But it is also true that “going deeper with God” isn’t just found in what you study. “Going deeper with God” is found in what you do! (It’s not an “either, or.” It’s both!)

Please pray for me, Nathan, and Kirk. We will be sequestering ourselves the entire day tomorrow. We want to spend the day praying, thinking, and planning for 2022. The day is short. Night is coming when no man can work.