This coming Sunday is Compassion International Sunday.

Our goal on Sunday is to sponsor 150 children who live within a 5 mile radius of two churches in Managua, Nicaragua. Our Missions Team has sorted the children by:

  1. Those waiting the longest for a sponsor
  2. By gender
  3. By age

Because of social distancing needs, they have placed the cards on the walls in the worship center, in the foyer, and in the hall leading to the south end of the building. The information on the cards will answer most of your questions.

To sponsor a child or children, please take your card(s) to one of our Missions Team members at the registration tables in the foyer. Compassion International asks that no cards leave the building. If you use the QR code to sponsor a child, please let one the Mission Team members at the registration table know. And if you have questions, you can ask one of the Mission Team members.

We will have the registration tables out and the cards up for two more Sundays after this. We have to return all material to Compassion International on February 8th.

You help equip a child in extreme poverty with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed. Your sponsored child will be paired with a local church that will help encourage healthy development as they grow. Through child sponsorship, that boy or girl is given personal care and opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. Examples include medical checkups, healthy food, education assistance, and key life skills training.

And most importantly, sponsoring a child gives you and that child an opportunity to see the truth of the gospel in action.

It means a supporter within the United States has entered into a supportive relationship with a child. This child lives in extreme poverty, and the supporter provides financial and emotional support to help encourage healthy development as they grow.

Compassion International offers you the opportunity to stay with a child for a number of years, usually through the school year in which the child reaches the age of 18 to 22 (varies by country). The hope is that you will continue your support of your sponsored child until he or she completes the program. However, circumstances do change and you may discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.

Also, a sponsored child’s circumstances may change, too. For example, sometimes families move beyond the reach of their program and children no longer have the opportunity to participate.

$38 per month.

For more information, you can also go to their website at

Thanks for loving people like Jesus!