Good morning! I love the Lord’s Day when we gather with the saints to worship Jesus. Unfortunately, I can’t be with you today. I tested positive for COVID on Thursday. Tara has it also. She is doing well. She only exhibits cold symptoms. I’m not feeling well (this was written on Friday morning) but there is nothing to suggest I am going to get any worse. I am again thankful to God for His mercies.

So Nathan is preaching today on short notice! Please give him your attention as he seeks to preach God’s Word!

This morning we want to introduce a segment in our services called “Good News.” The “good news” is that Jesus changes lives. So we want you to hear testimonies of God’s power from brothers and sisters at West Haven. We hope it will be a blessed reminder of the transforming power of Jesus. Thanks to Bill Mages for giving his testimony this morning.

You’ll see in your bulletin an opportunity to bless our community by helping the Tonganoxie Parent/Teacher Council by helping operate their annual carnival. There is a link to sign up for time slots on our website. You can find it by going to

Please pray for our Missions Team. COVID has made it very difficult to conduct missions in the last two years. It has already killed the possibility of going to Nicaragua this fall. We wanted to meet Thursday night but multiple sicknesses prevented that. Every local church is responsible for the Great Commission, which means taking the gospel to our region, our country, and our world. Pray that God would lead us in the exact paths He would have us to go!