A blessed New Year to each of you! Please note that our Growth Track is after church next Sunday. If you would like to investigate membership at West Haven, please sign up! We need you to reach this area for Jesus! There is more information in the bulletin.

Our Members’ Meeting is after church in the Train Station on Jan. 22. We will present Kirk Baggett to you as an Associate Pastor of West Haven!

This is mostly a matter of giving him a title for what he is already doing. There will be no change in his  duties or salary. The one change is that he will be involved in more          decision-making with Nathan and me. A church needs multiple leaders. In a sense, we already have that with Kirk. This would make it official.

This also comes with a unanimous recommendation from our Personnel Team. Our documents allow the Personnel Team to make this change but wisdom says the entire church should weigh in on this.

This also requires a change in our Constitution. Article VII. Church Organization, Section One, Number 3 says, “The Senior Vice President shall be the Associate Pastor.” Number 4 says, “The Vice-President shall be the current chairman of the Deacons. You will vote on changing Numbers 3 and 4 as following:

  1. The Senior Vice President shall be the longest-tenured Associate Pastor.”
  2. “The Vice-President shall be the shortest-tenured Associate Pastor.”

I am very excited about this! I trust you are also!

Here is a brief calendar that we want to share with you.

  • January 15  – Mission Fair after Worship
  • February 16 – Job Fair
  • May 6 – Eyeglass Clinic here
  • June 7, 14, 21, 28, and July 5 & 12 – Genesis Academy, The Joshua Project
  • August 8-15 – Vision 3:16 Mission Trip
  • November 3-5 – Revival Weekend (we may change the name) with Monte Shinkle

Nathan, Kirk, Jennifer, and I are having a Brainstorming Session on Jan. 12. The goal is to see where we can improve in any and every area of ministry. Please pray for us! It’s going to be a good year!