This coming Sunday morning, we continue in the series “A Great Commission Reset.” While the world swirls in chaos, we are called to be the messengers of peace and hope. It could be that God has ordered the events of the last year to humble our nation and in so doing, to prepare hearts to hear the gospel message from you and me. And as you heard from the pulpit last week, God can use any little thing you do to advance His kingdom.

Next week is “Compassion International” Sunday. Our goal is to sponsor 150 kids in or within 5 miles of two partner churches in Managua, Nicaragua. Next week, we’ll have a packet for each child available and instructions on how to sponsor one or more children. Our Missions Team will have a booth set up in the foyer to take payments. Alternately, each child’s packet has a QR Code you can scan on your phone. If you want the money drawn from your checking account, you will need to call CI during business hours. The cost to sponsor a child is on the card. We are unable to process cash. If you have further questions, see our 2021 Missions Team. They are Bill Weatherford (chairman), Susan Perez, J. Gagne, Alicia Wylie, Dave Coffman, and Dan Osborne.

I am thankful for this opportunity to spread the gospel globally (and also bless these children with their basic needs.) We also give to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention, which helps to fund the International Mission Board. The IMB is the largest mission sending agency in the world. What a blessing it is for a church in the middle of America to help get the gospel out to the “uttermost part” of the world!