It’s a great joy to gather with you every Lord’s Day! I’m glad to see you this morning. If you are visiting, I’d love to meet you afterward. Thanks for being here!

Today we continue in our series “Building Bridges in Babylon.” If you haven’t heard the last two sermons, please take time to go to our website and hear them. We want us to be in unity as we move forward in 2022!

Today we’ll open our Bibles to Daniel 1. The Holy Spirit will teach us at least two exciting principles to govern our lives as we live as aliens in a foreign land. What a hope we have because of Jesus! Do you know someone low on hope? Perhaps they could benefit from your personal invitation to church. An invitation to join you at church is often a good first step in initiating a gospel conversation.

Our monthly churchwide prayer meeting is at 5 p.m. in the Train Station. Charles Spurgeon said the prayer meeting was the engine that fueled the church. God tells us to pray. He will bless us when we pray. So I hope to see you!

Last week we began live streaming with our additional cameras. Nathan is meeting with the Livestream Team after church today. I’m excited about creating a more professional look with our live stream. It will represent our Lord well. It is also an important outreach tool.

I was in contact with Compassion International this week. Because of the governmental situation, and the persistence of COVID, they are not taking mission trips to Nicaragua this year. So our Missions Team is going to pivot to other plans. They will be developing our mission work for the rest of the year and in 2023. We want to have a heart for our community, and also the nations!

Please note the announcement elsewhere in this bulletin about giving statements. Instead of printing them, we are making them available upon request. Please contact Alexa Ferguson at God bless you!