We are in a series entitled “The Four Pillars of Positive Change.” These are habits we want to build into the DNA of our church so we can thrive in the days to come.

Today we get to the third “pillar” and that is to develop a “Culture of Restoration.” Many people fall away. God wants us to love them enough to reach out to them and bring them back.

We are in an era where people are frustrated, angry, fearful, or demoralized. Some fall into the trap of pursuing pleasure and prosperity. Others struggle through pain and problems. God calls us to restore those people to fellowship. It has been said that the church is the only army that shoots its wounded. I think that’s a bit of an overstatement. However, we don’t want to leave anyone who is “missing in action” so to speak.

On Wednesday nights this summer, we are going to host the “Joshua Project.” The “Joshua Project” was started to provide current and next-generation believers encouragement in the veracity of Genesis 1-11, backed with scientific proofs. It is led by a group of local men who have extensive backgrounds in creationism. We will give you much more information soon, but we are very excited to be presenting this to you. There is no cost. Anyone is welcome. For more information, you can go to: https://www.genesisacademy.net/joshuaproject.