Compassion International Sunday last week exceeded our expectations! You sponsored 34 of those 52 children in southern Mexico! Only eternity will reveal the blessing you are to those kids, plus the ones from Nicaragua we sponsored three years ago (I mistakenly said five years ago in the sermon.) Thank you for your generosity! And if you still desire to sponsor one of the remaining kids, go to our website. Click on “Missions” and scroll down to the Compassion International link.

Today we tackle a subject that often arises in our hearts: why do the wicked prosper while the godly suffer? We open God’s Word to Psalm 73 this morning as we learn to live with an eternal perspective!

Our Kids’ Ministry will sing this morning! We want them to participate in worship and learn how to worship with us! They are a vital part of the body of Christ! Each week, our Kids’ Director Jennifer Belcher emails parents of Kids’ Sunday School classes. The goal of the email is to help parents discipline their kids. Each email provides:

  1. A synopsis of your kid’s Sunday School lesson
  2. Family talking points about the lessons
  3. Questions to ask your kids
  4. The key Bible passage in the lesson
  5. A preview of the next week’s lesson

We hope all parents will have their kids in a Sunday School class so we can help you in their discipleship process!

It’s also been good to see our Student Ministry grow stronger. Students have more spiritual challenges than I ever dreamed possible. But we also know and believe that “He who is in ‘us’ is greater than he who is in the world!” Pray for our students!