Good morning! If you are a guest today, thanks so much for being here! There is a card in the chair in front of you. If you would complete that and put it in the basket in the back of the worship center, we would love to touch base with you. No one will visit. We would simply like to thank you for coming. And I would love to meet you! I will be in the foyer after church.

God bless you today as we open God’s Word to Genesis 37. The title of the sermon is “Your Dysfunctional Family!” The Bible is very real about the problems that families face. It can be difficult to navigate relationships in a family and still maintain a good witness. I trust God’s Word will instruct and encourage you on this important subject today.

I want to encourage you to sign up to serve at the PTC Carnival are Tonganoxie Elementary School on Feb. 26. Tara and I will be there and we hope to see you! As of today, there are several spots open. This is a way we show the love of Jesus to our community!!!

You can sign up by going to our website. There is a link that says “Register to Help at the Tonganoxie Elementary School Carnival.” If you are not sure how to navigate that, let me or Nathan know. We can easily help you get signed up. It’s important that we pack the place with West Haven folks. And if you have a West Haven shirt, be sure to wear it that day. We want people to know that we love them in the name of Jesus. And by the way, serving at this carnival is a lot of fun! And you will connect with people you otherwise would not meet. And who knows what God will do with that relationship!

I want to call your attention to the new Children’s Ministry check-in procedures. They begin on March 6. The information is in today’s bulletin. These new procedures are to ensure the safety of your children. The iPads and printers outside the children’s wing will be operable that day. I’m sure there will be some bugs but we will work them out! Thanks for helping us as we do what is necessary to bless our children!

When COVID hit two years ago, it significantly hampered the fellowship of our church. And since then we’ve added many new people to our church. We want to not only restore our fellowship but we want to increase it. So please plan to stay for lunch after church on March 27. We’re going to provide some food. And we are going to ask you to bring some sides (pie is always a good side)! We’ll give you more details soon but I would greatly appreciate it if you would mark your calendar now and plan to be here!

I am so grateful for each of you!