Welcome to West Haven on “Compassion International Sunday.” Today we have the opportunity to sponsor 52 children in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. We hope we can meet some of these children on a future Vision 3:16 mission trip.

Compassion International assists children in poverty by holistically meeting their needs. This includes providing food, shelter, and clothing. It also includes evangelism and discipleship. They do all their work through local churches near the child.

Today you’ll see the packets containing children’s information all around the foyer, and on the back walls of the worship center. There is also a table set up in the foyer to help you start sponsoring a child. Or once you see a packet, you can begin the process on your phone. We will give you more instruction today.

Paul Flewwellin is leading this. He and others who are helping are wearing a Compassion International T-shirt. Ask them if you have any questions. Thank you to Paul, and all of them!

We’ll also continue in the series “The Invitation.” The purpose of this series is to see that God “invites” us to live life on a higher plane by practically implementing His Word. Today we will look at what can be a very difficult subject: loving our enemies. This is the opposite of the world’s way. Yet when it’s implemented in our lives, we become more like Jesus. We are free from a prison of unforgiveness. And we enter into the life Jesus intended that we live. God’s ways are always better than our ways!