On Sunday, we continue in the series a “Great Commission Reset” by going to Psalm 1. The sermon is entitled “A Life of Biblical Stability.” To spread the good news, we want to be people whose lives are firmly planted on the bedrock of God’s Word. In a world that is in consistent chaos, we want to be steadfast and unmovable. I hope that God is glorified and you are blessed.

When the weather warms up, we want to get started in community outreach. We are going to try several things this year. They will be experiments. They may connect with people or they may fail but we never want to be stagnant. I hope you’ll make these a priority based on your calendar. Here are two of them:

  1. On April 10, we will have a Free Garage Sale. We’ll have food and music and setup our Outreach Tent. We will have some giveaways as well
  2. On May 1, we’ll have a free Car Care Clinic. We will top off fluids, check tire pressure, and perhaps create a checklist of things that might need to be done to the car. Again, we’ll set up our Outreach Tent and have food and some giveaways.

We have no idea what the response will be but we will enjoy the fellowship, honor the Lord, and trust that He will work in the lives of people! More information on both of these will be forthcoming.

Prepare To Sing

Gathering together on Sunday mornings is a congregational and corporate act of the church. So that you can fully participate in our worship gathering this Sunday, we’re providing the songs that we’ll be singing together. We encourage you to listen to all of these songs, but especially those songs which may be new to you. Further, we pray that these songs allow you to memorize, meditate, and reflect on biblical doctrine throughout the week.

All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
Only A Holy God
Christ Our Hope In Life And Death
We Will Remember